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Should people be allowed to obscure/hide their identities online?

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    It is argued that the internet users should be allowed to obscure their identities online. This essay totally agrees with this idea.
    On the one hand, there are numerous social issues happened on the internet including theft, kidnap, wave of boycott, defame honor…Hiding user’s identities online assists people to avoid a lot of troubles and ensures safety. For instance, high-tech crime can know your information of credit card. One day, when you are in company, you receive a message from bank that your account has just debited and you usually worry about your children staying at home can be kidnapped because of revealing your address information on the internet.
    On the other hand, the web provides a platform for ideas and opinions to be shared globally. It’s essential for netizens to accuse somebody who has offenses or simply for criticism. This is particularly necessary in political cases including corruption. Whistleblowers have ability to protect themselves from the harmful effects of crimes. Anonymous informants are willing to provide information or warn inhabitants about unfair and incorrect behaviors. If whistleblowers are not allowed to hide their identities online, they would be found out and faced with a wide range of risky situations relating to isolation in working environment, hustle and bustle, revenge and so on. For example, there was a the first Chinese physician alerted people to be aware of Sars-CoV-2 virus before the pandemic breakout. The authorities alleged that he proposed fake news in order to cause chaos in community. They prevented him from giving evidences of existence this type of virus. As a result, citizens in the world are not conscious of danger of Sars-CoV-2 early. In addition, that doctor dead because of this diseases. If he had been anonymous users on the Internet, he would not have overcome troubles relevant to legal.
    In conclusion, I absolutely lean on the statement that individuals should have the right to anonymize on the internet since this play a vital role in state management and residents protection.

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    Nhờ các ad sửa bài giúp mình ạ. Mình gửi file word đính kèm

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    Sao ko ai chữa bài vậy

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