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    Topic: The animal species are becoming extict due to human activities on land and in sea. What are the reasons and solutions?
    It is said that human work on earth and in the ocean is the main cause of many animal extictions. There are a number of reasons behind this situation and several solutions should be proposed of solve this problem.
    Animals are threatened to be exticted because of difficult living environment and lack of proper food, which are mostly ruined by mankind activities. One reason is that people are invading a lot of land and forests where animals usually live for builting houses and factories or collecting woods, therefore those innocent creatures are forced to move to other places with inappropriate and more competitive living condition and weakest species that cannot cope to will eventually disappear. In addition, industrial pollutants and toxic waste disposed to land and seas are not only worsen their living places but also poison endangered animals and sea creatures as they usually mistake trash as food.
    In order to dealing with this problem, measures must be taken by govenments as well as individuals. The first solution would be assuring proper shelters for endanger animals by establish nation parks where specialists can take care and stablilize numble of species. Citizens should also be encouraged to visit these parks to learn more about wildlife world as well as donate to maintain the activity of saving animals. Furthermore, authorities should control more strictly the disposing process to minimize the harmful waste to land and especially to the ocean as to ensuring clean living environment and nontoxic food resources for every living being including our mankind.
    In conclusion, it is clear that there are various reasons caused by human activities for the disappearance of several animals species and possible steps need to be taken by governments and individuals to tackle this problem.

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