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Some believe that more academic subjects such as chemistry, physics and history

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    Nowadays, the question of whether students should learn academic subjects, such as chemistry, physics and history or practical subjects, such as motor mechanics and cooking has been receiving a great deal of public attention. Although studying academic
    subjects is not without advantages, vocational subjects will be far more considered.
    In fact, those subjects such as math or physics prepare for learners fundamental knowledge to do complex jobs, like doctors or engineers which require deeper understanding of nature of the subjects,
    thus making them become competitive in labor markets. Second, by learning these subjects, students can continue higher
    education. This means that they are armed with fundamental knowledge to do research or study, which is conducive to humans’ innovations and developments later on.
    There are a number of benefits of studying vacation or subject in order to make a living as soon as possible. For examples vocational training helps learners have grasp of practical skills and work experience without committing four years of college, which help people save money and time to support themselves and raise their family. Second
    if learners continue to study these subjects they will have enough skills for manual jobs that are seriously lacking today. This means that they will help industries with reach a balance of labor market which develop economies.
    In conclusion, the advantage of vocational courses will be far more significant. By considering all the pros and cons of studying practical subjects people will have the best pratical skills and experience for their job

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    Dạ em muốn hỏi ngữ pháp vs mấy cái câu dẫn em viết v có đ ko ạ vs nội dung cách dùng từ có hợp lí ko ạ.

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    Please update the topic and upload word file.

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