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TASK 1 – Contributions to the "Greenhouse Effect"

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    The bar chart compares and contrasts data on the differences in proportions of involvement in the greenhouse effect of four types of gases.
    In general, it was carbon dioxide that contributed to the greenhouse effect far more than the rest.
    More specifically, the biggest difference in level of involvement can be found between CO2 and Misc. gases. While the former was the driving force in causing the greenhouse effect with a reading of 72,369 percent, figure for the latter was insignificant, recording only 1,432%, a difference of over 70%. N20, although with much lower figures than carbon dioxide, was the second main contributor, constituting nearly one-fifth (19%) of total percentage. This contrasted markedly with a modest 7,199 per cent of Methane, the third most important category which was roughly fivefold larger than a tiny minority of Misc. gases. Another point to note is that, the gap between every two gases became less marked from the highest to the lowest rank.

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