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Task 1 – Letter about company's donation

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    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I have come across your question on website about whether your firm should donate a local children’s sport team for two years or two outdoor concerts. Now, I am writing to express my opinion for this issue.
    It seems that there is no doubt about advantages of two open-air plays for the community, such as encouraging neighbors’ interaction and giving a chance to meet famous singers on flesh. However, as far as concerned, there will be some joint ventures which intend to invest in same activities in next months.
    On the other hand, sponsoring two-year investment in local children’s sport team is likely more necessary. Although kids are keen on keeping fit, fees for renting courts, designing sporty uniforms or holding championships may be out of their parents’ budget. Furthermore, if your company consider this donation, your social influence could be heightened.
    Therefore, I strongly recommend that you should sponsor sport groups for children for two years.

    Yours sincerely,

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