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Task 1: Line Graph

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    The graph below shows the average time spent by four car manufactures to produce vehicles at their US factories.

    The chart provided reveals the number of hours that four different companies taken to produce a car in America from 1988 to 2005.
    It is apparent that the figures for car manufactures followed an downward trend with the most striking feature is that General Motor experienced the highest reduction in average time among the reported companies.
    In 1998, General Motor took up to 32 hours to produce a car, compared with 28 hours of Ford. The figures for two remain manufactures, namely Toyota and Honda, were the same at 20%.
    However, the next 4-year period witnessed a dramatic decline in the production time of General Motor to approximately 25 hours in 2002. By contrast, other companies fluctuated over the same period. After a slight fall in the average time, both Toyota and Honda reached a peak at 24 hours in 2002 while the figure of Ford rose moderately to approximately 31 hours in 2001.
    After that, the rest of the period saw a decrease in production time of all companies. To be specific, the final figure for General Motor and Ford was 22 and 21 hours, respectively. The two other companies maintained the lowest average time, namely 20 hours for both at the end of reported period.

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