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Task 1: Line Graph

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    The line graph provided reveals the proportion of people who went to the cinema in four different age groups over the period from 1984 to 2000 in Great Britain.
    It is apparent that despite some fluctuations, all of the groups followed an upward trend with the most striking feature is that people aged from 15 to 24 accounted for the highest percentages of cinema attendance.
    Starting at about 17% in 1984, the figure of group 25-40 increased dramatically to 50% in 1994, followed by a fluctuating period before reaching a peak of 59% in 1999. The final percentage for this group was approximately 55% in 2000.
    Also evident is the fact that both age groups 7-14 and 25-35 experienced a similar pattern. The former rose significantly from 10% to 30% in the first 10-year period before soaring to approximately 40% in 1998. Likewise, there was a considerable growth in the figure of group 25-35, from just 4% in 1984 to about 25% in 1994, followed by a sharp increase to 33% in 1997. After that, both groups witnessed a slight decline to the same 32% in 2000.
    Although the proportion remained lowest among age groups, the figure of people aged 35 and over showed a steady rise, from a mere 1% in 1984 to 14% in 2000.

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