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Task 1 – Reception area

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    Dear Mr. Bonds,

    I am writing to contribute suggestions about renovation for our office’s lounge.
    I have received complaints in which mentioned about uncomfortable seats. Furnishing just two salons cannot meet demand for over five guests at same time, while outmode style of these salons does not mark with overall modern decoration at the reception space. Besides, due to nearby pantry, smell of food has spread through this area, affecting negatively the professional intention in our working environment.
    Indeed, because the reception area is the first place when a stranger visit our company, all preparation should be meet standards. In my point, it is better to replace the existing salons to be-on-trend and larger ones. Apart from this, a new layout of the office should be proposed. We can relocate this pantry to the end of the room, while server room can by put near to the lounge. If you are interested, you can ask me for specific drawings for the new layout.

    Yours sincerely,

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