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Task 1: table

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    The table shows the secondary and high school teachers’ salary in five countries in 2009. Overall, while teachers in Australia were the lowest-paid, teachers from Luxembourg were the most well-paid. In addition, in Denmark, the amount of time it took a teacher to earn maximum salary was the fastest than all four other countries.
    With regards to a starting salary, teachers in Luxembourg had the highest starting salary of $80,000, while this figure of Denmark teachers was significantly lower, $45,000. Additionally, the starting salary for secondary and high school teachers in other countries stood at around $30,000.
    However, teachers with at least 15 years experiences in Luxembourg were paid at $119,000, while teachers had the same level of experience in Denmark and Japan were paid at $54,000 and 65,000 respectively. Meanwhile, after 15 years teaching in secondary and high school, teachers in Australia and Korea were paid the lowest amount of money, at $48,000. Moreover, teachers in Australia and Denmark just had to work less than 10 years as teaching to receive their maximum salary, while teachers in other countries had to work at least 30 years.

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