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    Thanh Ngân

    The table illustrates data on the proportion of average band scores of
    students from 4 different countries in the IELTS General Test in the year
    of 2010.

    Overall, the highest point witnessed by the chart was Speaking in 4
    linguistic groups during the surveyed period. It is also noticeable that
    the German students virtually got the highest scores in the IELTS Test.

    As can be seen from the table, the figure for Malay held 6.2 out of 9 in
    Listening test, followed by a higher score of German, at 6.8. With the
    notable exception of Reading, 6.3 was recorded for German’s score, while
    the rate for Malaysia was slightly higher, at 6.4 out of 9. In the same
    year, 6.6 and 6.9 band score which German students got at Writing and
    Speaking exam, compared to 6.0 and 6.6 of Malay counterparts, respectively.
    As a result, the overall score of German candidates was 6.7 and 6.4 for the
    Malay, a difference of 0.3.

    In terms of Listening and Reading, the year of 2010 saw a similar band for
    French and Indonesian participants, at 6.3 in Listening test and 6.1 in
    Reading. In the Writing module, whereas the portion for French achieved 6.5
    out of 9, the other remained the same figure as Reading exam. In contrast,
    the ratio for French got 6.6 in the Speaking exam, meanwhile, that of
    Indonesian’s score was 6.7. Following the overall score, the rate for
    French stood at 6.5, which was 0.2 higher than that for Indonesian.

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