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*task 2

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    Phạm Khánh Như

    It is widely argued whether prison sentences or mental treatments are the best way to solve the crime problem. While imprisonment tackles the problem in its own way, I would argue that assistance in medical and psychology does a more comprehensive job in terms of eliminating crimes from its root.
    On the one hand, the reasons why prisons are of indispensable neccessity for social security are varied. Firstly, they restrict people who committed illegalities from the society in order to ascertain the safety of other citizens. Criminals with serious crimes such as murderers or rapists should be kept behind bars, which acts as a way to pay the price for their inexcusable actions. Secondly, severe prison sentences can act as a deterent against crimes. The fact that there might be a chance of getting caught and condemned to jail, which also means losing freedom and living a miserable life in a cell, will sound a alarm for people with a intension of commiting crime to reconsider going down the path.
    On the other hand, it seems to me that medical and psychological treatments are a better remedy for crimes solving. Proper mental assistance will definitely bring about long-term results as it will heighten criminal’s intellect and get rid of any deep-rooted immoral perspective. For example, no one can make sure that prioners who are released after serving their prison sentences will never repeat their illegalities. However, if offenders are given proper psycological treatments, they can realize how their wrongdoings do harm to other people as well as themselves and stand high chances of not repeating crimes as a result.
    In conclusion, although there are good reasons why imprisonment should be adopted to address the crime problem, it seems to me that medical and psychological assistance is more effective when it comes to a long-term result.

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