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task 2

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    Hai Lien Nguyen

    In some countries the average weight of people is increasing and their level of health and fitness is decreasing. What do you think are the causes of these problems and what measures could be taken to solve them.

    My essay:
    In recent year, a great number of overweight people are on alert. In addition to the rate of health and fitness fell sharply. There are a number of reasons for this trend, which is having a significant impact on both personal life and on the community as a whole.
    There are two important reasons why more people nowadays are on overweight. Firstly, with the outbreak of fast food dishes, people prefer to eat this food than traditional food, which contain a lot of fiber and vitamins. Secondly in a busy society, residents don’t have time to do exercise. People more and more lazy and have a passive lifestyle. For example, in modern society, every family member is always on the go, meaning that the father and mother have to work longer hours to make ends meet, whereas the students must attend extra classes to keep up with their peers at school. So less time is spend on doing the cooking and doing the physical exercise. The consequence is eating junk food or take away become more popular to citizen. This will increase the passive life with problems of the physical condition and the average body weight of people in several countries is rising significantly these days.
    There are several things that people can do to solve the problems. I believe that the change must start with increasing awareness of human. The fiber and vitamins obtained from the intake of salads, tomatoes, bananas and so on are particularly good for health. People should avoid in consuming fast food since they contain a lot of high cholesterol ingredients which are dangerous for their health. The other thing is that people should do more physical exercises and burn more calories in their life. One of the ways is by changing their mode of transportations. For example, they could change the way they commute from driving a car to riding a bicycle. It is just making the body healthier, but bike riding also reduces air pollution as well.
    In conclusion, it is true that many people are having problems with body weight and health conditions these days. The problems are mostly caused by the unhealthy lifestyles and there are several things that people could do to fix the problems. They should be more selective in choosing their diets and they should have more exercise in their life.

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    Dear learner,
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    Please kindly look at the attached file of your corrected work. If any query arises, please feel free to ask.

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