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Task 2 advantage and disadvantage

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    Task 2 – 2 advantage and disadvantage


    One of the consequences of improved medical care is that people are living longer and life expectancy is increasing. Do you think the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages ?
    Nowadays people are living in better condition compared to any period of time. It also leads to expand people’s longevity . I believe that this matter bring advantages more than disadvantage.
    The conditions of living are improving every day, specialized in madical care. It also means expand people’s lifetime and demands from sociaty. These elders usually do not work or do not make money anymore while they still have demands. For example they needs special medical care, heathy food and take care people, in case almost elders have not saved a certain amount of money, they would meet massive troubles without a exit way. Under moral social pressure government must eye and look after these people. A huge amount of cash would go out from treasure house, governers would use it to supply peoples’s need for ceitain kind of people who surely contribute nothing to the country.
    Look at another perspective, people are very happy in case they live in longer time. Firstly they have a certain time to enjoy their lives, after spent period of young ages to work for companies. Secondly the elders are collar workers, they are able to continue to contribute to society at any moment. For instance, famous coach in football, after they left their clubs, they go back to school, give speechs to aspire young people, or write their own autobiography.
    In conslusion, dispite the drawbacks of expanding people’s live. I still believe the benefits outweigh the disadvantages that make people enjoy more their own live

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