Task 2: Climate change

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    Question: Some people think that instead of preventing the climate change we should find ways to live with it. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    Nowadays, climate change has been becoming one of the most pressing problem of the whole society. However, meanwhile, some people argue that accepting living with it is better than finding a solution to prevent it. From my point of view, i greatly disagree with this statement.

    On the one hand, climate change has caused terribly destructive responses to the natural environment. For example, in mid-2019, the Amazon forest occurred a major fire due in part to global warming, considered a disaster of the world and many experts have estimated that over hundreds of thousands of forest areas were destroyed and millions of diverse animal species were affected seriously. Besides, a lot of different types of pollution also cause unfavorable impacts on the habitat of many various animals. The above-mentioned things are the reasons why humans should protest against the acceptability of climate change.

    On the other hand, the daily life of people will be adversely influenced by climate change. It will cause many natural disasters that greatly affect the lives and property of people, even who have become homeless after just 1 day. Human health is also worsened more by climate change, which human is also part of the reason. For example, in Beijing, China, the atmosphere there was announced by experts that if people do not wear masks and breathe in that atmosphere, especially children, it will cause a variety of terrible diseases related to the respiratory system, even lung cancer. It is the result of irrational discharges by companies or factories. Those things are really horrendous for people.

    To sum up, the effects of climate change have had terrible impacts on mankind, so it is necessary to find solutions to minimize climate change. I believe that more and more ways will come up to make the earth get better and more green.

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