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    Some people believe that many people who work for creative arts such as painting, theater and music should be supported financially by the government, while others think the creative artists should be supported by other sources instead. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    People say that the creative artists should be based on different external sources’ financial supports, while I believe that the government own the largest authority as well as the most potential economy.
    On the one hand, there are a couple of strengthens of getting funding from external sources. First of all, it is believed that almost private parties are able to promote the development quickly. In Korean, for example, there are many competitive relationships among large entertaining companies, which means all of them always must strive to get wealth and reputation. Secondly, financial assistance is like to make artists become brand image. In the past, for instance, Sunsilk group corporated with Ho Ngoc Ha. This corporation brought two significant benefits, Sunsilk became one of the most well-known shampoo companies and Ho Ngoc Ha was known as queen of entertaining field at the same time.
    On the other hand, getting financial assistance from the government is considered as being considerably beneficial. They play an important role in preserving and developing the traditional music. This is because Quan Ho folk songs are replaced by electronic music, the government should purchase for the whole fee of Quan Ho concerts on some traditional occasions such as Lunar New Year and Traditional Games Festival. Furthermore, investing in the arts is considered as a potential investment to promote the economy. In Korea, for instance, a developed nation famous for the sustainable growth of entertainment, films and music.
    In conclusion, it seems to me that the most powerful party as well as the government should take care of finance of the creative arts since they are the people who confirm the license of invention for artists.

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