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task 2 : CRIME

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    27/7/ 2017
    Some people believe that a crime is the result of social problems and poverty, other think that crime is result of bad person’s nature. Discuss both view and give your opinion
    It is argued that the question which factor have been promoting exorbitant crime rate has drawn a course of controversy for the community. While some individuals said that bad inborn personality are precursors to crime, I would argue that social dilemma and poverty are main factor for this problem
    On the one hand, it is reasonable for some people to consider that bad person’s nature causes crime since negative people tend to commit the rule much more than good people. For example, according to the research of Humanity and Sociality University of Vietnam, 75% criminal people had a bad-tempered habit before they broke the law and made a lot of serious consequences. Moreover, badly behaved individuals are not likely to controlling their feeling and assuming the aggressive with other. As the result, if they face with just a couple of minor tiffs, they will easily provoking opponents and become heavy criminal within a second
    On the other hand, I believe that the root reason for crime are social problems and poverty. Firstly, they are forced to break the law because as the human, they need to fight for their basic living condition . For instance, in the low- qualified living condition in rat houses of Middle East, men who play breadwinner role have been conducting many kinds of stealing action in order to bring his family up. Secondly, social problems such as some types of discrimination also lead to crime as people are not treated equally. Therefore, some people fall into isolation, violence and human right shortage may have negative feeling which is motto for committing crime.
    In conclusion. It seems to me that poverty and social problems are main factors of crime , although some people insist on being a crimer is result of badly behaved individuals criminal.

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