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Task 2 – Difficult hotspots

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    Choices of travelling generally depend on tourists’ particular tastes. There are some people who are keen on luxurious hospitalities in pristine beaches, while others are fascinated significant but difficult places. From my points of view, apart from possible advantages of hard trips to these unique hotspots, disadvantages are unavoidable.
    On the one hand, it is evident that unfathomable destinations stimulate people in many ways. Firstly, magnificent and unreal landscape is likely on top of concern. Sondoong cave, the largest cave in the world, attracts thousands of visitors annually, regardless of vertical cliffs and acidic flows inside. Secondly, by challenging themselves with extreme coldness in Antarctica or unpredictable dangers in old jungles in Amazon, discoverers can build senses of courage and endurance, raising a spirit of hero. Furthermore, it should be mentioned about opportunities to keep fit, thanks to intensive activities of diving, climbing or biking to these such destinations.
    On the other hand, physical injuries or high-demanding preparations are likely to be some of drawbacks when people move to strange places. For example, in mountainous sites, rock climbing may lead to fallings, while cave diving in deep Atlantic Ocean possibly risks the respiration, if divers’ apparatus is not well-equipped. Indeed, the more difficult the condition in these kinds of areas are, the more struggles discoverers could get. Apart from that, it is acceptable that not everyone is suitable for these routes, unless they spend prolonged time in a professional training courses of skills or first aid applications, like Sondoong tour organization’s compulsory requirements to attendees.
    The long and the short of this, everything has two opposite sides of effects and travelling to incredible but dangerous hotspots is not an exception.

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