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Task 2: Discuss essay: crime topic

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    Topic: Some people think that the best way to reduce crimes is to apply
    longer prison sentences, other people think that there are better methods
    of doing so. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    A certain portion of the population belive that additional increase
    the punishment for criminal is the effectively solution to reducing the
    crime rate. Meanwhile, the other people agree that punishment is not the
    best solution to reducing the crime rate. While there are benefits of
    implenment the longer prison punishment, I would agrue that it is not the
    best solution to preventing the recidivism rate.
    There are many benefits of increment the prison sentence. The longer
    jail punishment could deter individuals from comitting crimes in the first
    place. The fear of punishment can instill in the heart of potential
    criminals. Additionally, during the time in jail, the sinner will have
    opportunity to get reformed through many service available inside. For
    example, they could adjust their behaviour and tranform their aware to
    become a good person thought educated activity in the jail.
    On contrary, there are better solution to reduce the criminal rate
    than implement the longer jail punishment such as community service or
    educational program.  Some researchs which were conducted by non-profit
    organisation has pointed out that people has tend to be more compassionate
    after spending time with people from underprivileged background. Thanks to
    this method, people are become less posibility to transgress heinous crimes
    since the increment sympathy. I completely support for this solution since
    it could address the motive of crime act.
    To summarize, even though the additional increase the punishment does
    have some benefits, it seems to me that the alternative methods is better
    solution to keeping the lower recidivism rate.

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