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    Some people think that zoos are all cruel and should be closed down. Others however believe that zoos can be useful in protecting wild animals.

    Discuss both opinions and give your own opinion.


    In today’s world, there is a controversy whether zoos should be closed down because of cruelty. Although some people are of opinion that zoos are integral places, which help threaten animals to survive and prevent extinction. From my own perspective, I totally agree that the shortcomings overshadow advantages and zoos should be closed down.
    There are some reason why zoos are useful thus far. First of all, because of climate change and human overpopulation, wild habitats are harmful and limited. Loss of habitats causes number of endangered animal species decreasing significantly and dying out in nearby day. Hence, zoo is an artificial habitats which is created for animal conservation. In fact, zoos are provided plenty of high-tech equipment and managed by trained staff. Therefore, endangered animals can be cured by quality medication and escaped from extinction via captive breeding. Moreover, zoos are the places where for people to visit for entertainment and education about wild life, such as: number of wild animal species, animal’s nutrient pyramids, habitat condition.
    Nevertheless, it is true that most zoos currently use cruel treatments to manage their cages. Despite preserving the wild animals in artificial environment, lots of animals tend to suffer in the confines and constantly live in psychological pressure. As a result, numerous wild animal species become extinct in the artificial environment which is called “zoo” and it turn out to be belied the purpose of zoo. Furthermore, enhancing the knowledge about wild life is not prevalent reason for visiting the zoo. Most of people are enjoyable due to animal abuse. For example, many people throw objects into the cages and animals, such as: redundant food, rubbish.
    To sum up, animals should be protected but does not have to be in zoos. Zoos are cruel to animals and they should be closed down.

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