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    Some people believe that media should be allowed to publish information about the private lives of famous people. Others say that everybody has a right to privacy and this practice must be controlled or even stopped. Discuss both views
    It is controversial that whether celebrity’s life should be exposed or not. While there is rational to publish information related to the life of well-known people, there are good reasons why media must be controlled in publication of the famous private lives.
    On the one hand, publishing the famous people lifestyle is beneficial in several ways. Famous people have enormous influences to the society, so their good lifestyle is a great pattern to others follow. For instance, the habits of reducing plastic bags on a daily basis of a well-known vlogger are an effective way to attract attention from the community towards environment issues. Furthermore, there are benefits not only for the audience, but also for their own lives. The social observation forces celebrities to be more thoughtful on every decision, so they are trained to become their better versions.
    On the other hand, there are some reasons to explain that the restriction on publishing private information related to the famous is reasonable. Publicating personal information in excess creates devastating impacts on celebrites mental health. In Korea, some super stars committed suicide because of the pressure from society assessment for a long time. Moreover, private information directs attention toward scandals instead of their art products. Therefore, there are some people struggling to become well-known by scandals in Vietnamese showbiz. This practical contributes to declining the social morality.
    In conclusion, it seems to me that the publication of personal information of famous people and restricting media in publishing news related to private life have their own unique advances.

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