task 2: Opinion essay

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    task 2: Opinion essay


    Task 2: People say that reading for pleasure helps people to develop imagination and better language skills than watch TV. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    In the modern society, more and more concerns were made about the cognitive development of children. Some people argue that reading for pleasure encourages people to boost imagination and language skills than watch TV. In my opinion, I totally agree with this claim.
    It is undeniable that reading enhances creativity through fairy tales, stories, science-fiction books, etc. Specifically, fairy tales allow people, especially the children to figure out different presence and appearance of the characters. Moreover, people are also given chances to express their perspectives about the imagination and creativeness through activities associated with reading such as judging the books, draw the ideal characters, etc.
    Another reason, which is no less important, is that building a good reading habit gradually equips people with a better recognition of words and letters; thus, helping to create longer and more complex speech among children. Inevitably, frequent accessibility to stories also provides children with necessary skills to read faster.
    On the other hand, the opponents claim that watching TV can overweigh the benefits of reading as it shows real figures and images on the screen. However, these advantaged features also act as a deterrent to children’s imagination because its role models personally created for the children. Besides, sounds from TV prevent people from being eager to read and learn new words.
    In conclusion, I believe that reading for pleasure is a better way to encourage creativity and language skills than watching TV. These stories facilitate people more special appearance of one specific character and better recognition of words and letters.

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