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Task 2 to what extent you agree or not?

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    Task 2 – 1 what extent you agree or not?


    Some people say that school children should be mainly taught about the literature (eggs fiction and poetry) of their own country because it is more important than that of other countries. To what extent do you agree?
    People differ on a subject that whether teaching only their own literature or extending a few foreign sources of literature for children. While I agree to only teach literature in the country, I also have a positive view to add another literature in school.
    On the one hand, schools add a few foreign sources of literature in their own curriculum would bring some obvious benefits. Literature of other countries help students to expose many cultures, therefore It would broaden their minds. For example, a few students go to a class and learn poetry of a French author. They surely love the poetry and interest on the author, it leads to find and read more relative information as the consequence. Look at another prospect, throughout exposing this kind of literature, students suppose to be encouraged or stimulated to learn a second or third language.
    On the other hand, if teachers or professors insert creations of foreign authors to the curriculum in early ages of student. It might bring some damages. This curriculum would overload and bore students. Therefore original purposes of adding the literature could not achieve by the student.
    In conclusion, while adding literature of other countries could broaden children’s mind in many ways, the potential damage should not be ignored

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