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Task2: Descible a children story

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    1. Describe a children’s story that you know well.
    You should say:
    what you first heard or read it
    what the story is about
    what you particularly liked about it
    and why you think it became popular.

    I used to a big fan of children stories. My mother used to tell me stories before going to sleep. One such childhood story that I can remember is about “Tam Cam” which was an ancient Vietnamese fairy tale.
    TAM is a gentle girl, beautiful, motherless, and living with her stepmother and her half-sister named CAM. Mother of CAM was jealous, abusive. With the god’s help in each time TAM abused. She became the Queen but her stepmother did not given up intent of killing TAM. The stepmother tried to kill TAM and had some successful time. TAM had many incarnations: the nightingale, the gold fruit, a loom, but finally TAM came back to her life. Meanwhile, the King found TAM was not died and took her home. They live happily together, while CAM and her mother punished appropriately enough.

    As a child, I really enjoyed the story because it can remind children to act appropriately even when surrounded by bad behavior. Tam was often treated unfairly and unkindly by those around her, but her decision to remain kind and thoughtful was eventually rewarded.
    Finally, the reason why it became the most popular in our country is that it conveys a meaningful message of our ancestor “One good turn deserves another”, it mean that when you did a helpful or kind act for someone who had done something good for you. The story was intelligently made and I loved to hear it.

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