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TASK2- Negative or positive development- SPORTs

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    Nowadays, sport is becoming a big business with high earnings for professional sportspeople and a lot of companies have involved in financially and in other ways. Is it a positive or negative development of sport?
    It is undeniable that sports have been becoming a profitable business in the global scale. Sportsmen and companies can expect to get a number of benefits. I firmly hold the view that this trend would actively promote the development for the sports.
    Sportsmen who earn lucrative income are more likely resist effortness and dovote themselves to the sports career. Professional sports individuals are certainly received a great amount of money because of their talents and their perseverance. This, as a result, can motivate athletes and sportsmen undergo all difficulties and trainings. Taking Cong Phuong as an example, who is a professional attacker of Viet Nam National Football Team always try his best in his career eventhough he had injuries during football match. If athletes and sportsmen had not received a great amount of money, they would have not practised in the long term of trainings and fitness. This, as a result, might harm the development of sports industry
    The companies which take part in or invest in sports business can also promote the quality of sports industry. Some companies tend to sponsor their own favourite football team or skilled athletes as the way to get back fame. They are able to hold some extra activities for sportsmen , hire high- quality coach, build arena or modernize the infrastructure so that sportsmen can expect to sharpen their skills. For example, in 2017, Vingroup- a giant group poured a great amount of money for Viet Nam Football Federation to hire a professional coach to train the Viet Nam football team. Therefore, Viet Nam has become the runner-up in the Asia Footbal Cup. Sportsmen can expect to experience a professional environment to devote the talents and effortness to the sports’ development.
    In conclusion, with the development of modern life, sports can expect to jump to a high level of quality if the companies get involved in.

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