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    Team activities can teach more skills for life than those activities which are played alone.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    Many people argue that teamwork could have a high improvement of skills than individual work. When almost our life is related to other’s life, I totally agree with this view.
    There are a variety of reasons why group working enhances more skills than working alone. Firstly, management skills or cooperation skills are helpful to easily deal with problems because people could improve these skills throughout working in a team. Secondly, group worker could improve their communication skills as well as social skills in the conference. For example, while the individual worker could quickly decide an idea for his project, team workers spend more time on discussing to find out the suitable ideas from many people. Thus, a group could have the better ideas for their plan.
    In addition, people could enhance their leadership skills as well as teamwork skills, decision making or critical thinking skills during the teamwork or process. Besides, when they have to make presentation in crowed members, they not only learn some good method to make their voice more attractive during a presentation but also increase the aware of finding an important point in a project to have a significant decision. Because, their group could have differences of opinion. Finally, people also learn to accept the competition without feeling depression in work. For example, if he works alone, he will rarely compete himself. In contract, if he works in a team, he should attempt more when other team-mates can work better than him.
    In conclusion, team activities and solo activities are essential to study new skills, however, team work creates a better environment to expend people’s skills.

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