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The balance work and live

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    People aim to achieve the balance between their work and lives, but few people achieve it. What are the causes of the problems? How to overcome it?
    In this day and age, there has been increasingly controversial concern over the significance of balancing between work and lives. In fact, it is widely thought that it is really challenging to achieve a healthy balance betweek job and lives for the public. This essay would outline two primary explanations for this issue, followed by two measures to tackle this problem.
    On the one hand, two underlying reasons leading to the fact that fewer people obtains this balance should be taken into consideration. Firstly, the cost of living in modern society is becoming more exorbitant. Therefore, the public have to work so hard that they have not had free time to take care of their private lives so far. For instance, my best friend just has married. They are a young couple so they work all day to earn lots of money. This may lead to the fact that they often quarrel and live not happily. Secondly, the individuals might suffer from more private trouble so often that hardly can they concentrate on their work. For example, employers can not spend much time completing their job perfectly if their offspring get addicted to online games and drop out of school.
    On the other hand, two crucial solutions should be applied to solve this concern. Firstly, the authorities should enact law in order to lower taxes, especially on the poor and the middle class. These policies are likely to reduce their financial burden, resulting in rising free time of workers so that they more take care of their private lives. Secondly, some policies that corporation should implement are to allowing employees having domestic trouble to have break time. Therefore, they will hacve more time to solve their problems. When their issues are tackled completely, they can boost their productivity compared to in the past.
    In conclusion, achiving the healthy balance between work and lives is becoming harder and harder due to the financial burden in morden life as well as numerous private problems of employees, and two significant measured mentioned above should be implemented to resolve this problem in foreseeable future.

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