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    It is sometimes argued about what elements can bring successes for a person. While I concur that luck is vital to help people reach their targets, I believe that both efforts and determination are equally important.
    On the one hand, I accept that luck can play an important role in achieving successes. It is true that some youngsters are fortunate enough to be born in wealthy families in the sense that it can be easy for them to enjoy a full life. For example, with big assets that they are inherited from their parents, they can collect valuable possessions, such as modern cars, luxurious houses at an early age, which seems to be impossible for their fellows born in poor families. Furthermore, some individuals are lucky to be possessed natural talents. A clear illustration is that Lionel Messi has become one of the most top-class soccer players in the 20th century because of his great genius rather than his endeavors.

    However, I would strongly endorse that work hard and determination is of paramount importance to ensure enormous successes. Firstly, people are imperative to make their best endeavors into their jobs if they want to be successful. A good example is Cristiano Ronaldo who seems to be significantly different to Lionel Messi because he is assessed as one of the greatest football players by his enormous efforts instead of genius. Secondly, the determination must be also considered as the most major elements to gain successes since the way leading to successes can face enormous challenges. Therefore, people need to keep moving forward to overcome those challenges.
    In conclusion, while I agree that luck is a necessary component for achieving successes, I believe that hard work and perseverance are equally necessary.

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