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Traveling through television

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    Some people say that you can learn more about another country by watching television programmes and films about it than by actually visiting it.

    How true is this statement? Is there anything you can learn about another country by visiting it that you cannot learn by watching programmes and films about it.

    Traveling have been the most favourite outdoors activity for a long time. However, there’s are a part of people who prefer watching television or film to actually appreciating through journey. Some of them also believe that they can learn more about another country by watching it than by actually vising it.

    I believe that there are many reasons why people would rather to travel-online through television or internet. First of all, explore another country by television are really convenient. We don’t have to spend too much time and totally hold the initiative to stop at anytime we want, unlike traveling. And with the progressive of communications industry nowaday. The information we got through could be very objective and detail.

    Nevertheless, I believe that it can’t replace the real travel at all. How honest the progammes could be, it’s still an objective experience from other people. But in the other hand, the progams we watch sometime could be using to advertise, that make our information about that place could be overrated and becoming less objectiveness. And after all , “Seeing is believing “, there are a lots of thing that can’t be transmit except of actually experience it like smell, voice, taste, environment…. For example, can we exactly know how something taste if we aren’t actually eating it.

    Inconclusion, I belive that we can find out a lot through internet, television, or film about some place that we haven’t been before. But to actually appreciate it which in my opinion is the most important. Traveling is the most necessary way.

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