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University Education

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    Some people believe that people have the right to university education, and government should make it free no matter what their financial background. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    it is argued that government are accountable for supporting to pay fees for university students without considering financial background. While it is true that university students play an important role in the development of their nations, I believe that the authorities should spend money to support specific talented students for the following justifications.
    To begin with, there are a couple of fundamental motivations why university students should be paid for tuition fees. First and foremost, the government sponsor all university fees, which allows poor students to have a great chance to continuously study in lieu of considering about financial burdens. Consequently, talented learners who are in need of financial support could achieve their targets. Secondly, on the grounds that citizens might have opportunity to get higher educational performance, they could find a decent job easily. This might probably lead to the development of their nations in various kinds of sectors such as agriculture, technology and science.
    However, it is indisputable that this policy could bring negative effects on society. The first reason would be that a lack of national budgets for other necessary fields such as heath, military might increase. This prevents citizens from receiving the balance of public services. For example, inhabitants’ health could be negatively affected since air pollution and water pollution are growingly spreading. Moreover, students could have tendency to choose prestigious universities instead of colleges, which contributes to the unbalance of skilled workers in the future. As a result, there may be the short of force workers in practical jobs and surplus ones in official works.
    In conclusion, it is beneficial for students when government pay for their university tuition to some extent; however, I argue that the authorities could grant financial support for talented students who are necessary to assist.

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