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[Urgent] One day the world’s oil and gas reserves will run out.

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    Please check it as fast as you can!
    One day the world’s oil and gas reserves will run out. The search for alternative energy sources like wind power, solar power, burning waste, and water power are causing as much environmental damage as the oil and unclear power sources they are intended to replace.
    How far do you agree with this latter statement?
    What possible benefits do the alternative energy sources bring? Or what damages do they cause?
    The sum of natural resources is now decreasing. People keeping trying to investigate new sources of energy which can be used forever. However, I completely disagree with the theory that this thing affects the environment as well as oil and dirty power sources. In addition, we should encourage people using more environment-friendly energy in daily life.
    On the one hand, Alternative resources produce energy by depending on nature at all such as wind, sun, water, geothermal heat, etc. In particular, people only need to investigate the use and the devices to transfer those sources into energy like electricity or biological gas which is usually done in a lab. Therefore, these resources will not contribute in the damages of the environment. On the other hand, in the producing energy history, the developing of resources emit a great deal of toxic into the air whereas the green sources do not. Take gas industry and biological gas industry, for example, the amount of black smog released in the gas industry much higher than the one produced by biology technology.
    Notably, alternative energy has been bringing to our life a lot of valuable benefits. Firstly, it will reduce the use of natural resources like oil, gas, metal, etc., lengthen the using time. To point out, some researchers argue that the amount of coal in Vietnam will exhaust in the next 80 years which in 2095, so we have to save our “invaluable presents” and use them smarter. Secondly, substitute resources obviously need a lower price to exploit. As a result, it will save the economy, easy to look out and human beings can use it individually.
    In conclusion, we should notice more about the positive sides when using alternatives resources although it still has some negative effects on the environment but it’s not as dangerous as chemical power.

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