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[Urgent] Some people think that parents have the greatest influence on their chi

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    To construct a high-end building, investor and workers both need to cooperate tightly. To publish a book, writer and the publisher company obviously need to discuss carefully. As we can see that to have a hopeful product, each of parts all have the same role. And so does this concern, either Family or School have important influences to their child in some aspects.
    I believe that the children will have better book-learned future if they are taken care of by their parents regularly. In particular, kids will have a “strong wall” who are always ready to help you with any things you need like when you need money to purchase some learning materials, when you feel hungry and hope to have a bowl of rice, etc. However, parents in some cases do not have enough necessary information to teach the kids in the university. Therefore teachers are also playing the significant role in the child’ knowledge acquirement.
    In fact, children should be taught major subjects by professionals because they can easily find their drawbacks and know the right way to help them better in their future career. Not only are the teachers educators, but also they are student’s friends indeed. Notably, the students tend to share their events to their tutors than their family. As a result, the teachers can give them advices and raise them up to continue their educational way. Take me for example, I was falling in love in the first year of the university. This was a bad thing because it affected my studying a lot, I loved crazily and I could say that I was nearly emotional disorder after my love broken down. Fortunately, I decided to chat with my tutor and he changed my mind unbelievably. I came back to my academic way and developed dramatically thanks to my terrific teacher.
    In my viewpoint, to end up, we should appreciate both side from family and school in academic development. Moreover, we also must develop ourselves for our own career.

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