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Why people are living longer?

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    According to completely reliable data, average life expectancy is higher over recent decades. More people are living into their eighties and even nineties. There are various reasons to this issue.
    In this modern society, the rapid development of technology leads to medical advances. Improved diagnosis techniques enable doctors to detect the onset of a disease much earlier than before, leading to timely interventions. Also, there have been major advances in medical treatment in recent decades. Medicines are researched and developed to prevent people from struggling with soreness or dying. For instance, cancer can be early detected and treated by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which can prolong the lives of many cancer patients. Moreover, transplant surgery restrains people from dying, specially at a relatively young age.
    Another reason for longer lifespan is better living standard. More people in the world now live in warm, dry accommodation. They have many ways to get access to nutrition information and afford to ingredients of a healthy diet as well. Eating the right foods, such as fruits and vegetables, can lessen cholesterol, which is the main factor in the occurrence of cardiac diseases and strokes. In addition, people are also better informed about what represent a danger to their health, such as smoking, and are actively trying to avoid such dangers.
    With the development of medicines and living condition, life expectancy are believed to become longer. However, with people in the developed world dying nowadays of the effect of obesity, instead of malnutrition before, there are signs that our modern lifestyles may shorten some lifespans.

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