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writing task 1 bai so 1

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    The chart below shows information about different species pf birds observed in woodchuck county at different times of the year.
    The table illustrates a list of some of species of birds that can be observed in Woodchuck County in winter and summer. Information is given about eight species of birds.
    Overall the number of the species of birds moving into woodchuck county in the summer is higher than those in the winter.
    There are three species of birds observed which appear in Woodchuck County both in winter and summer. That means that they can endure the winter in this area. They are cardinals, crows and woodpeckers. Four of the species listed are bluebrids, mockingbirds, oriles, vireos that are only observed in the summer in this region. They must be migratory birds, that travel to Woodchuck County in summer and will be moving to another place in order to live or to the breeding where the weather in this country is colder. Conversely, Juncos is one of the special species of birds because this species of birds just can be seen in Woodchuck County in winter, after that they will leave there when the summer stars.

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