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Writing task 1: World population

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    The pie charts below give data on the spending and consumption of resources by countries of the world and how the population is distributed.

    The pie charts give information about the proportion of the expenditure in different sectors as well as how the resources and population have been distributed in the world.
    Overall, it can be seen that Asian took a major part of the world population, while most of the resources was consumed by American and European. In addition, people tended to spend a considerable amount of their income on food and transport.
    In terms of the expenditure, nearly one fifth of the total spending was paid for food, compared to 18% of clothing. The smallest percentage has been observed in clothing with 6%, which was exactly a half of the figure for housing.
    Regarding the consumption of resources, 60% of sources was used by the USA and Europe residents, which only took up 14% of the world population in each region. Asia had the biggest population at more than 55%, however, they only made up a small proportion of 40% resources which has been distributed in other regions. A small number of people has been observed in Africa, with 10%, and other places only comprise 5% of the world population.

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