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WRITING TASK 2 – agree or disagree – FERTILIZERS

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    Food produced by fertilizers and machines is dangerous to human health and local communities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    By utilizing many kinds of advanced machines and artificial fertilizers, people are raising the yield crops as much as possible. However, I strongly believe that this action could be extremely harmful to the locals’ health and society as the whole.
    To begin with, there are various reasons why food productions by using chemicals and industrial equipment are hazardous to human races. First of all, in term of direct influences, the local dwellers that are living in nearby agricultural areas have to suffer from a wide range of problems about health. For example, fertilizers from farming activities would affect adversely the water source of the residents. Due to consuming the poisonous water that was discharged from the unnatural fertilizers in a period of time, people may get plenty of risk at health issues such as cholera, dermatological disease or even cancers.
    Furthermore, the high noise level is produced from many types of machines could make people feel unhealthy. In fact, the frequent noise is proved to be extremely dangerous for people’ mental health, especially, it may cause many problems relating to insomnia and depression. Other residents’ activities are negatively influenced as well. In particular, children are the victims who have to bear up against these problems. For instance, many students could not focus on their homework when the annoying noise is continuously generating from near garment factories. Or some elderly could not sleep or take a rest when the manufacturing process is occurring. As a consequence, the children’ academic results may lower and the people’ health decreases as well.
    To sum up, I believe that food production processes using chemical substances, especially chemical fertilizers and noise from production equipment, have been contributing to the problems of neighboring residents. As a result, they are most likely to experience mental and physical illnesses.

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