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WRITING TASK 2: Knowledge of the natural world

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    People have little understanding of importance of the natural world, what are the reason and the how can people learn more about natural world?

    Nowadays, human are less aware of and have little knowledge about the important roles of the nature. In terms of this, a sea of reasons and solutions stretched before us. Below are some significant causes and ways to dead with this problem, in my opinion.

    There are three main factors bringing about the shortage of understanding of the essence of natural world. The first thing I have to mention is the evolution of the modern life. There becomes fewer and fewer tranquil countryside area, and people are residing and working in a busy and fast world, concerning about personal benefits like how to earn their living. Hardly do they care about the nature. Secondly, communication transports, together with TV programs have less concentration on natural world. We mainly see advertisements of products and service of enterprises, which are highly promoted by spending a load of money, or programs for entertainment. Shows about the nature have not been broadcast, majority of which are ignored by people, who are nearly apathetic towards the natural world.

    Some methods should be proposed and actions must be taken in this situation. In my opinion, mass communication ought to accelerate more production providing knowledge about natural world. To prompt people, especially a adolescence, to take in and apply those knowledge, it is a good idea to hold contests with diverse topics related to the nature for children at al ages. This may make a big promotion and large impacts on students and their family as well.

    In conclusion, the nature world now needs more consideration from human being. We should give a hand in propagating its importance by any means like Media or education and so on.

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