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Vocab-Learning – Các phương thức dùng với từ “threat”

Bạn có thể liệt kê bao nhiêu động từ và tính từ đi với từ “threat”. Cùng đọc bài báo vền ảnh hưởng của côn trùng và thực vật ngoại lai tới môi trường của Nam Cực dưới đây và học từ vựng cũng như lấy thêm ý tưởng cho bài viết Task 2 hoặc bài nói về chủ đề Môi trường bạn nhé.

The latest threat to Antarctica: an insect and plant invasion




Antarctica’s pristine ice-white environment is going green and facing an unexpected threat – from the common house fly. Scientists say that as temperatures soar in the polar region, invading plants and insects, including the fly, pose a major conservation threat.

More and more of these invaders, in the form of larvae or seeds, are surviving in coastal areas around the south pole, where temperatures have risen by more than 3C over the past three decades. Glaciers have retreated, exposing more land which has been colonised by mosses that have been found to be growing more quickly and thickly than ever before – providing potential homes for invaders. The process is particularly noticeable in the Antarctic peninsula, which has been shown to be the region of the continent that is most vulnerable to global warming.

“The common house fly is a perfect example of the problem the Antarctic now faces from invading species,” said Dominic Hodgson of the British Antarctic Survey. “It comes in on ships, where it thrives in kitchens and then at bases on the continent. It now has an increasing chance of surviving in the Antarctic as it warms up, and that is a worry. Insects like the fly carry pathogens that could have a devastating effect on indigenous lifeforms.”

The Antarctic has several native species of insects. Together with its indigenous mosses and lichens, these are now coming under increased threat from three major sources: visiting scientists; swelling numbers of tourists; and global warming.



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  • (to) face / come under a threat from: bị đe dọa bởi
  • (to) post a threat to: đe dọa tới
  • (to) soar: tăng nhanh
  • (to) provide home for: là nơi cư trú
  • (be) vulnerable to: dễ bị tổn thương bởi

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July 2, 2017
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