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    14. The graphs below show the figures for population distribution in a
    country for 1900-2050.


    The given bar charts illustrate the proportion of population distribution
    in rural, suburban and urban areas of a nation from 1900 to 2050.

    Overall, the rate of population in this country tended to remove from to
    rural areas to developed ones through the period shown.

    It can be clearly seen that standing at approximately 60% in 1900, the
    population size in rural areas then showed a dramatic decrease to nearly
    45% in the next five decades before being predicted to plummet to closely
    10% in 2050.

    By contrast, there was 10% population in this country living in suburban in
    1900. However, this figure in 1950 was twice as much as the number in 1900
    and constantly is forecasted to reach a peak at 55% in the last researched

    Meanwhile there were some light fluctuations in terms of population in
    urban between 1900 and 2000, at around 35%. The rate of people in these
    areas is forecasted to remain stable in the following 50 years.

    CHO EM HỎI, CÓ PHẢI SAU THAT luôn luôn cọng với một cụm S+ V không ạ. Tại
    vì em viết câu số 3 ( từ trên xuống ấy ạ) mà cảm giác có chút gì đó sai sai

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    [2/2/2018, 7:30:48 AM] Cám ơn các bạn!

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