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car-free days

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    Some people think international car-free days are an effective way of reducing air pollution, others think there are some other ways. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
    In order to limit the damage of pollution in the atmosphere, some people believe that organizing international car-free days, which the time that people do not use cars as transport vehicle, can be an effective solution. Another people believe that we have better ways to reduce air pollution instead of organizing car-free days, in my opinion, I think that international car-free days is not a good solution to resolve pollution problems.
    First, organizing international car-free days is an expensive way and they just can apply in limited areas in the world. If governments or corporations want to organize an international activity, we must receive acceptances of many countries around the world and it is difficult to third-world countries, which do not have good finance condition, to co-organize the days. For example, if the united nation wants to organize an international car-free day, which must be had a large amount of funding, it may be easily to develop country like Germany and England to contribute to the event. However, in some developing countries like Vietnam and Cambodia, where the government have limited funding for social activity, it is a big challenge. In the other hand, in some industry countries, it would be a real disaster if there is no car running on the street because of every industry products must be transported using cars. For instance, in international free-car days, industry product of Vietnam, such as consumer goods and foods, can not be transported from industry centers where they are manufactured, such as Dong Nai and Binh Duong province, to harbors where they will be exported.
    Second, the main role of international car-free days are just iconic days and they do not have any reality effect in the real life. In order to alarm to human around the world about pollution, many events, such as the Earth Hour and car-free days, was found to transport the information of pollution and its negative effect to our environment into people, governments, corporations or organizations around the world. For example, a car-free day can be organized in Dalat city to help people in this city get the information of air pollution and how they can reduce the negative effect on their own city’s atmosphere. In my opinion, international car-free days just play iconic roles, in order to reduce the air pollution more effectively, people must have some reality solutions such as applying achievements of sciences. For instance, modern environment technologies can help to process the polluted gas before they are discharged into the environment and do not cause any negative effect to the economic.
    In conclusion, international car-free days just play the role of iconic days which help the new generation to know about the importance of surviving environment. In my opinion, some other ways, such as applying environment sciences to process the discharged gas or refresh the quality of the atmosphere, are better solutions to resolve air pollution problem.

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