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Children and adult life

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    Question: Children who are brought up in families which do not have large amount of money are better prepared to deal with the problems of adult life than children brought up in wealthier families. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Many people argue that the children who grow up from less abundant families prepare better to come up with their adult life’s problems than the children from wealthy families. While I agree that poor-to-average children have some bases to tackle difficulties in their future life, I also believe that wealthier youngsters are still ready to face obstacles in later phase of their life.
    On the one hand, families with limited income always educate their younger generations to organize their life to overcome coming adversities by equipping them with desire to move forward and getting them been familiar with unexpected things in life. First of all, poorer children tend to go further and move higher on social ladder, which encourages them to defend scares of difficulties and keeps going ahead in their path of life. This can be visualized by a circumstance in which a child is not having anything to eat for two days, he seems both to be able to cope with one-more-day hunger and to find something to calm it. From another aspect, constant disadvantages in childhood can effectively prevent such adults from breakdowns if something negative occurs.
    On the other hand, children of wealthier families are also capable of dealing with unexpected situations in their adulthood thanks to their determination of keeping abundancy and their available relationships. To start with the expectation of keeping prosperity staying long-lasting, children who are taken care by wealthier parents are so familiar with convenient life that they tend to make great efforts to retain their wealth in case being get involved by unexpected circumstances. The determination is their weapon to stand strongly in front of the wind of adversities thrown to them. In addition, children whose parents are richer seem to be surrounded by many helpful relationships which may provide them the necessary leverage to tackle with potential negative issues later on. Imagining a fully mature rich boy who has a big debt, it is usually easier for him to borrow money from his rich friends to pay back the loan.
    In conclusion, while children who are brought up by families of average-or-lower income tend to be well-prepared to handle their life among obstacles of adulthood, I believe that the children growing up from wealthier families are also ready to overcome any potential difficult situation in their later phase of life.

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