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Describe a famous person you know

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    Describe a famous person.

    I am going to tell you a celerbritiy i am really crazy about. His name is Hoang Ngoc, he is singer in Vietnam. He is a good looking guy with the bright smile and friendly face.
    Let me tell you the way I know him. 3 years ago, when I sat in front of the TV and enjoyed a program of choice with my whole family, I catched a glimpse of him and lived a deep impression. After that, I googled eveything about this guy and came to realized that he was born in the disadvantage family and had to sell lottery tickets to support his family when he was a child. However, he came up against hard time and never gave up. So there is no room for double that he became famous after a hard wooking time.
    He is a best singer I know, He works hard and always gives his all heart and soul into his performance. Therefore I think it is the reason why all he receives a lot of love from the audience. He well deserves the popularity he has today.
    I’m keen on his song called : give hand. It is the meaningful song about his life, his effort, it teaches me live stronger and bend my backwards to chase after my Passion.
    I love him to the moon and back. He always the singer in my heart

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