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employment rates in Europe

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    The graph compares three countries namely Spain, Germany and Italy in terms of unemployment rates percentagewise while the table gives data on employment rates in these countries in the year 1991.
    Overall, the unemployment rate in Spain fell while the figure for Germany significantly increased. The men’s employment rates outnumbered those of women across three countries.
    Looking at the line graph, the percentage of jobless people in Spain came out first most of the give period (which is also reflected in the table). To be more specific, at the beginning of the period, the unemployment rate in Spain stood at approximately 13% (which was more than three times as large as that of Germany). The figure for Italy was around 8%. Throughout the period presented, the proportion of unemployed people in Spain fell by one third, while Germany rose remarkably to nearly 12% in 2005 after an erratic period. By contrast, after a slight increase to 10%, the percentage in Italy fell back to the level in 1995 at the end of period.
    According to the table, Germany’s employment rate gap between two genders was the smallest, with respective figures for men’s proportion and women’s one being 76,5% and 54,4%. In addition, 10% more men in Germany than in Spain having a job. The number of women employed in Spain only accounted for nearly a third of total women. The gap was particularly large in Italy, where the proportion of male employee was twice the size of female one, 77,1 % for the former and 37,8% for the later.

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