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    It is often argued that when is the best time for people to start learning second language ? There are several ideas suppose for primary school. Meanwhile some people believe that the beginning of learning linguistic process should be at secondary school.
    One of the biggest problems that everyone have to deals with when they learn the new language is shame. They are scare of being criticized when they get trouble with verbal of phonological. While children at 5 to 10 years old are impartial and unprejudiced, thus kids can fix their mistakes and keep on studying without pressure or difficulty. Furthermore, children can pick up the pronunciation well because they are really good at imitating. Moreover, kids are usually willing to receive the new things such as culture, custom or inhabitant, which can lead them learning new language with a curious mind. Therefore they can accumulate knowledge better and easier. On the other hand, it is really hard to force kids learning without amenities . Pupils are too young to aware of the important of linguistic.
    Contrastingly , when kids come to puberty about 11 to 16 years old, they start aware of language’s role. Therefore they can study with a higher determined. Besides, pupils of secondary school can use the internet proficiently, thus they have more document, not only at school by teachers but also by themselves in the internet which is really popular recently. But there are many subjects that they have to learn. Likewise, teens usually have to focus on core subjects such as math, literature, … The more subjects they study the more pressure they must confront. Their funding time is limited . These aspects can lead secondary students bear with bad results like low mark, stress or maybe event dislike linguistic.
    In conclusion, while children at primary school are willing to receive new things and ready to fix their mistakes because of their impartial. Kids at puberty get more advantage at document than the younger one. In contrast, teens have to deals with stress and pressure because of the number of subjects. Unlike them, kids at the younger age are not old enough to conscious of the essential of linguistic.

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    [5/17/2018, 4:39:04 PM] Cám ơn các bạn!

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