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    Co-educational schools are common in VietNam because it brings benefits students enormously. Meanwhile, others countries refer classify students as specific school by their own genders.
    On the one hand, studying in single-sex school provide pupils some advantages. First of all, parents can be ensured that their kids are going to be focused on approaching education, without mutual attraction. Moreover, single-sex school provide pupils a free environment for doing what they love despite the prejudice regarding sex. In particular, boys tend to less likely studying arts or literature to avoid social’s estimate. Likewise, girls do not dare to do heavy exercises because they are afraid of having muscle. In single-sex school, they can do these things without worrying to much.
    On the other hand, when a school has only one sex, it can not develop self-esteem among genders. Boys may less likely to be polite with girls because they grow up in the environment with totally boy, they can treat girls as they treat their friends, with some ridiculous jokes. In addition, this kind of schools do not have an equal environment for competitions between sexes. Therefore, they may not have an better overview about the other. Moreover, the best part of being a student is not only perform well at school but also have some great memories such as fall in love with someone. Unfortunately, this feeling does not exist on single-sex school, between boys and girls.
    In conclusion, students are going to have an effective studying environment in single-sex school. In contrast, they may miss some other interesting experiences in co-educational school.

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