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Part 2 PE and well-being

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    People have had different perspectives about how physical education could impact to the health of young students in general. While some may argue that PE should be forged in the curriculum, I completely believe that it will go nowhere and there are some other methods utilised to replace it.
    On the one hand, an obligated exercise course could be beneficial if it is taught with adequate conditions. Obviously, PE teachers have to be well trained so that student will be supplied with thorough instructors on how to keep fit efficiently. Otherwise, there will be no effect because it is not easy to keep motivated in doing exercise.
    On the other hand, there are some problems to consider. The subject requires a variety of special equipment which may be very expensive. It will be a financial burden for some schools that cannot afford those facilities. If students are forced to learn it, they will only care about the score that they get. It will be better to use extra curriculum activities such as playing sport as an indicator for their health.
    In conclusion, whilst the importance of being healthy is undeniable, there might be some other ways to help students keep fit and that physical education should be an optional subject in schools.

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