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Task 1. Line graph

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    The line show the percentage of the people over 65 and how these rate
    changed from 1940 to 2040 in three countries Japan, Sweden, USA.

    Overall, both countries had a rise trend between 1940 and 2040 which were
    USA and Sweden. The lowest rate was Japan wich decreased in 80 years before
    went up in 4 decades later.

    In 1940, the proportion people over 65 increased gradually from below 10%
    to exactly 15% in 1980 and will decline slighty 2% in 2020 before reaching
    a peak over 23% in 2040. By contrast in Sweden, there was a same trend for
    40 years early between USA and Sweden which increased to approximately 13%
    in 1980. Then next 30 years later, the rate of people in Sweden fluctuated
    around 17% and will go up to highest point at over 25% in 2040. The number
    of old people in Japan had a fall trend which fell to roughtly 3% in first
    20 years and remained exactly 3% in next 2 decades before increased to 5%
    in 2000. The rate continue rised significantly to present at about 7% and
    will reach to highest point at approximately 27% in 2040 compare with USA
    and Sweden.

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