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    Task 2: some people say that what children watch influences their behavior. Others believe the amount of time they spend on television influences their behavior most. Discuss both view and give your opinion.
    Many people wonder if time or the content which children watch affects their behavior more. I would argue that the content is determinate factor to a child’s behavior.
    On the one hand, it is deniable that sitting in front of greens for a long time significantly affected a child’s attitude. Once children are addicted watch, they seem not to have time for other activities and this makes them gradually lose their basis social skills. In fact, due to only knowing the outside world through TV programs, many children do not know how to deal with basis community situations in real life. Moreover, healthy problems stemming from a sedentary lifestyle also influence the way a child interact with the community. Getting obesity or eye-related problems makes many youngsters become self-conscious and shy and hence they try to isolate themselves with exterior relationships.
    On the other hand, it seems to me that what children watch especially in formative years will be more likely to shape their behavior. If watching improper programs with ages such as drugs or casual sex or violence, children can be gradually acquired or even more seriously they can imitate. For example, a student prone to become violent with their friends if he watches violent involving programs regularly. Furthermore, many youngsters would commit a crime just as they believe in commercials on TV. For instant, a boy knows about games through TV and then he is addicted it and he has to save money or even steals to carry on playing it.
    In conclusion, although both time and the content on TV programs all cause severe consequences on children’s behavior, it seems to me that the content is still more important reason.

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