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    Some people say that subjects like arts, music and, drama, creative writing are more beneficial to children and therefore they need more of these subjects to be included in the timetable. Do you agree or disagree.

    These days, some subjects like arts, music,.. are not witnessed the critical role in school curriculum and do not involve evenly in the timetable. Therefore, Some people argue that these subjects should be taught and considered as the potential academic subjects like math and literature which I shall highlight in this essay.

    The first reason why I think Arts is extremely important is that It can support children in academic study as well as social abilities to become well-rounded students. For instance, students can be opened their horizon and knowledge through drama and music, therefore, their brainstorming and writing skill are highly boosted. Not only that, these subjects also connect all members of a class because of their entertainment. Children can both play and study at the same time and easily express their abilities.

    On another hand, some kind of Arts instruction can lead the student to a plenty of opportunities in the future. When children realize and determine their hobbies and also their passion, they can have the perfect orientation and adapt the promising future jobs. In fact, there are lots of people earn telephone number salaries due to pursuing their love of arts.

    In conclusion, the curriculum in some school should be revised and complemented to be suitable for the development of the world nowadays. With the accurate educational background, the students can easily have the bright future as well as achieve many successes in their career.

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