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    The mobile phone is used both for work and personal phone calls at all times of the day, every day of the week. Do you think this has more positive or negative effects both for individuals and society?
    It is evident that in this digital age nowadays, hand phone plays an integral role in targetting at work or individual calls at all the time on a daily and weekly basis.Although the aim might appear drawbacks to both individuals and society ,i believe that the posibility outweigh the negativity.
    On the one hand, there are some several reasons that the aim at using mobile phone for both work and personal phone calls might have negative impact on individual aspect as well as society.Firstly,the rise of advances in technology makes people become over riliant on cell phone and discourages the shape of face-to-face interaction processes from humanity.Instead of some realistic form of intimate invitation on such meaningful occasions,for instance,human beings now are more likely to misuse the phone by just sending unemotional text-messagings and phone calls to their loved ones,which apparently leads to a lack of social relations and loosing the chance to strenthen their bond in any relationship . Moreover,using the handset in workplaces frequently enables to make their eye glued to this technological gadget,causing some potentially hidden danger of disorders relating to eyes or skin such as cataract,heart disease, skin disease, short-term and long-term headache due to its radiation and the invisible blue light rays.As a result,this not only puts an enormous strain on health care services and medical issues but also hinders the productivity themselves in their carerer,which impacts negatively on society and the future aspiration of a developing economy in the trend toward globalization .
    On the other hand,I believe that if cell phone utilized in the right way will give more advantages.Since the land-line phone become obsolete and is superseded by the cutting-egde telephone service,the majority of users now can use wireless technology as cellular phone for calling, updating and transmiting up-to-a-minute informations and data to every corner of the world instantaneously by gaining the access to the internet.As a result,there is no room for geographical boundaries which can enable human beings to interact with those who are even in far-flung distance.In work,for instance,business man around the world nowadays utilizes their mobile phone as a means of virtual interaction in some pivotal workshops and conferences through using video call application or live-streaming without flying from a country to another.The more the expenditure on such data such as 3G and 4G are top-upped by these potential customers in this technological industry,the more the taxes and charges will be earned by goverment and telephone service providers,which can lead to an improvement of living standard of live of community as a whole.
    In conclusion,while using mobile phone for work or personal purposes as calling at all the time impacts on individuals as well as society still remains a source of controversy,I strongly believe that the advantages are greater than the disadvantages to some extent.

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