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Task1 – Seasons

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    1. Tell about the seasons your country?
    It depends on the parts of Vietnam but generally here have two main seasons: dry season and rain season. Particularly, the North of Viet Nam has four seasons but sometimes people in other regions could also feel a little bit cold between the winter.

    2. What is your favorite season?
    To be honest, the cold makes me feel when the cold win begins blow to sign a new winter season on October. Indeed, it is a great idea to take a trip to the West Highland where wildflowers bloom around the hills under pine trees.

    3. Do the season effect to people’s behavior?
    In general, the Middle of Vietnam are received medium more than ten typhons per year. The life of the people here will be disordered when the river water raises and drowns out buildings. It rains days by days even no one can see the sun during few months in the rain season.

    4. Do you wear different clothes in different seasons?
    Indeed, here have not clearly seasons in Ho Chi Minh City where I’m living. That reason why I don’t care about the way to wear for any seasons. However, I’m usually bring beside a raincoat in the rain season.

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    Hi bạn.

    Personally, I think you should work on some basic concepts before jumping to advance ones. More practice will get you there.

    Good luck with your IELTS journey.


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    Dear Linh;

    Thanks for your advice. Your suggetions are very useful.
    Diem Linh is a pretty name.

    Kind Regards!

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      Glad that you find these useful.
      Thanks for your compliment!
      Hope you get what you deserve.

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